Gleeds participates in this year’s nationwide campaign ‘No Paper Day’ Qatar

Gleeds is proud to be taking part in this year’s ‘No Paper Day’, a day to encourage employees to adopt eco-friendly initiatives geared at reducing paper waste on Thursday 7th April.

The average daily use of paper in offices in Qatar is more than 5 million sheets of A4. This requires cutting down 540, 30-year-old trees. About half of the wood used from trees worldwide is used for paper products such as boxes, stationary and computer printouts. Reducing the use of paper will not only improve a business’ efficiency, but also help to preserve the environment’s long-term health.

The Gleeds team in Qatar have participated in sustainability training sessions and created their own simple and creative strategy to reduce paper consumption, which includes:

  • Setting the default to double sided when printing & reducing the margins in MS Word, which can reduce the use of paper by 14%!
  • Recycling all waste paper
  • Using email instead of paper memos and reducing the number of messages printed out
  • Printing only the pages needed by using the ‘print selection’ function