Gleeds appointed to develop strategic energy partnership for University of Chester

Gleeds has been appointed by the University of Chester to assist with the creation of a new energy performance partnership, in order to create an independent and green source of power at Thornton Science Park.

Gleeds will help the University by facilitating an agreement through a Strategic Energy Partnership (SEP). The chosen energy partner will be selected through a tender process, whereby energy companies submit proposals for a single partner framework, aimed at reducing energy on site. Once in place, the SEP will allow the University’s new development to run more efficiently, both in terms of carbon footprint and cost.

Gleeds Head of Sustainability, Mark Pendry, said: “With pressure on universities to reach the Higher Education Funding Council 2020 carbon reduction targets, along with providing facilities to attract future students in an increasingly competitive market, it is more important than ever to think innovatively when managing estates and developing research projects. A SEP is the easiest way to achieve carbon reduction commitments at no extra cost and is becomingly an increasingly popular option in the higher education sector”.

The University of Chester acquired the 66 acre site from Shell in 2013 and the facility has been converted into research and enterprise space for University students and commercial tenants. Thornton Science Park is currently dependent on the adjacent refinery site for several of its utilities.

Alice Elliott, Head of Sustainability at the University of Chester, said: “Thornton Science Park at the University of Chester is a major research and innovation hub that offers a unique blend of industry, research and academia.  It provides our students with a world-class facility and an opportunity to work with leading science and technology employers. We are delighted to have Gleeds on board to help us with our SEP and believe it can create a more efficient and economic energy solution for the Park”.

Gleeds recently worked with Bath Spa University to implement an SEP which generated an annual energy saving of over 25% and a further 17% in reduced maintenance and operational costs.