Six tips to unlock greater efficiency in healthcare

It is well-known that the NHS is under pressure to stabilise and improve its performance, both operationally and financially, to safeguard quality of care for an ever growing population. For the past 5 years operating revenue in the NHS has been under strain, a situation likely to prevail for the foreseeable future.

With land sales picking up in the Government’s bid to resolve the housing crisis, Trusts and Commissioning Groups have the opportunity to reduce operational costs and raise capital receipts by selling off redundant assets. The money generated can then be re-invested to deliver improved services more efficiently.

We understand the pressures and conflicting requirements often lain at the feet of those managing and operating healthcare services. Having access to the best resource and advice is therefore essential if the NHS is to maximise its return on selling assets that are no longer needed.

Gleeds’ guide to generating greater efficiency in healthcare, sets out six considerations that we believe are key to unlocking the full potential within any given asset or estate.

  1. How to identify redundant stock
  2. How to optimise opportunity
  3. How to avoid "us and them" thinking
  4. How to create and procure
  5. How to deliver new from old
  6. How to realise programme benefits



Roger Pulham

Roger Pulham
Director, Healthcare

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Julian Barlow
PR Consultant