London Skyline 2145: An Architect’s Perspective

The evolution of the London skyline has, and continues to be, a topic of much debate. With schemes likes the Garden Bridge polarising opinions, new planning legislation and devolution on the cards, all against a backdrop of increasing climate change, there is plenty keeping the construction industry on it toes when it comes to responsive building and infrastructure design.

To help conclude our 130th anniversary celebrations, Gleeds has partnered with the UK’s leading architects to commission unique pieces of art which illustrate visions of the London skyline in the year 2145.

Leading UK architects including MAKE, Penoyre and Prasad, HLM and TP Bennett have submitted one-off sketches of the London Skyline 130 years from now, which will be auctioned on the night to raise money for The Transformation Trust.

The charity works to open doors for young, disadvantaged people across the country by offering experiences and opportunities that help develop employability skills and build confidence.

Having worked with The Transformation Trust over several years - sponsoring events like Rock Assembly - money raised will support the Transformation Trust’s Inspire US 2016 programme. This will see 20 sixth form politics students work as campaign interns for the two national parties for the closing fortnight of the US presidential elections in 2016. All from underprivileged backgrounds, the students will compete to secure their place on this opportunity of a lifetime trip, helping them stand out from their peers when applying to university, and potentially even paving the way to future political careers.

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